2022 Year-End Community Impact Stats

United Way of the Titusville Regions’ Community Partners focus resources on the needs that
matter most to our local residents. Through our community, we tackle tough challenges to boost
education, economic solutions, and the health needs of our families, friends, and neighbors.


● 3 residents received rides to medical appointments
● 276 counseling sessions were provided
● 1,034 individuals were contacted in a time of grief
● 99 individuals participated in grief support groups


● 13 mentor and mentee matches were made
● 170 children had their nutritional and physical needs met
● 21 residents received their GED
● 100 students increased their pre/post-test scores
● 69 adults have taken action to better their education


● $11,503 was provided for financial assistance
● 168 individuals/families were provided with financial aid
● 5,916 meals were provided to local senior citizens
● 2,960 shelter nights were provided to residents
● 75 families received rental assistance and 41 secured permanent housing
● 87 families, with a total of 206, children received assistance for food and gifts for the

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